At last, final draft Constitution ready, says Mwansa way after the 90 days PF promise

THE technical committee on the drafting of the republican constitution has completed its task and will take the final draft document for printing today.
Committee spokesperson Ernest Mwansa said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday that the committee took long to complete the draft because it had to take into consideration submissions from across the country.
“The report of the technical committee will be ready for printing by Tuesday next week after deliberations of the last meeting, during which the committee formally adopted the final draft constitution, have been incorporated.
“The committee will, thereafter, seek an appointment with the President for the day of official handover and public presentation of the final draft constitution, the Constitution of Zambia Bill and the final report,” Mr Mwansa said.
And during a briefing yesterday with civil society organisations which petitioned the committee to release the final draft constitution, Mr Mwansa said the committee took a lengthy time to release the draft document because it had to study all submissions presented to it.
Representatives of civil society organisations went to Government Complex to demand the release of the final draft constitution because the committee had announced that it would release the document by the end of October.
“For us, it is about providing a people-driven constitution and we have taken long because we had to consider further submissions that were made to the technical committee,” Mr Mwansa said.
He said the committee is there to ensure that Zambians are given a constitution which meets their aspirations.
“There were disagreements on certain articles and we had conferences at which people agreed and we put in what they agreed upon in the draft constitution,” he said.
Meanwhile, civil society organisations led by Operation Young Vote executive director Guess Nyirenda are happy that the committee has completed drafting the constitution.
Mr Nyirenda said it is important for Government to provide the people with a good constitution.
He urged Government to look for funds so that the constitution can be adopted through a referendum.
“We appeal to the donor community to consider assisting Zambia with funds for holding a referendum to adopt the constitution,” he said.
Last week, Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba told Parliament that holding a national referendum would depend on the format of the final draft constitution.
Mr Kabimba said there was a possibility that the adoption of the constitution would not require a referendum and that there was no money set aside for such an exercise.

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