‘At Palace Hotel in Lusaka we enter new year with bleeding hearts’

Dear Editor,
Greetings from the concerned members of staff from the Grand Palace Hotel in Lusaka. We enter this new year with our hearts bleeding because of the way the owners of the hotel are running the affairs of the hotel. Off major concern to us is the service charges which the owners of the hotel have pegged at K250,000.00 (Kr 250.00) to be given to each employee on monthly basis despite the fact that more money is collected in terms of the service charge from the clients.
We feel this is day-light and would like to make presentations through you to the Minister of Labor to visit the hotel and check what is happening. Salaries are meagre and the only hope of us getting a reasonable salary are diluted through the stealing of our service charges by management.
We have meet with Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union of Zambia but cannot engage management at the moment because there is no recognition agreement in place. We feel Service Charge is law and no one should temper with it.
We will really appreciate if the Government through its relevant departments can make a follow up on this matter.
Concerned Staff.

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