Atlas Mara continues scamming clients

Atlas Mara continues scamming clients


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It always pains me passing through terrible situations without help from the government of the day. Most terrible situations where the government of the day is aware but can’t take any action, Civil SERVANTS have terribly complained of anomalous (abnormal) deductions from this so called ATLASMARA bank, but nothing profitable has come out. Is it that the government especially the BANK OF ZAMBIA wing has a hand in the anomalous deductions done by ATLASMARA BANK? If ATLASMARA BANK is sorry for such, why don’t they refund the affected clients automatically through their bank accounts especially with escalating COVID-19 cases? The stated bank always ask affected clients to travel. is ATLASMARA BANK helping the government of the day to fight COVID-19? Let the BANK OF ZAMBIA help affected clients on this issue.

Concerned $ affected civil servant.

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    ex finance bank employee whose pension Mahtani ate 3 days ago

    What do you expect from a bank that absorbed employees of Indian money launderer Mahtani?

    Karma caught up with Atlas Mara. They are about to close as Sikutea has failed to pay them K230 million that he owes them through Madison General, , Madison Life and his personal guarantee. Run close your account before Atlas Mara tanks