Atlas Mara holding on to my money

Atlas Mara holding on to my money

On Monday, I withdrew some money from Stanbic Bank Atm Kafue Branch. However, the money was not ejected but my account was debited.

This prompted me to seek clarity with stanbic who told me that they had no access to my account so I had to go to Atlas mara for the reversal to be effected.

I visited Atlas Mara at Finance House, next to cairo shoprite, on Tuesday and I was asked to fill and submit a form.I did as I was told.

I was assured that the reversal would be effected within 48 hours. This saddened me because reversal Stanbic for Stanbic account holders only took 15 minutes.

Today, it is Friday 30th November 2018 and already beyond 48 hours but my account has not been credited.

Last year in November 2017, I was among many other account holders who lost huge sums of money due to irregularities in this bank and upto now, that money has never been credited to my account.

Aggrieved Atlas Mara Account Holder

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    Sometimes I wonder why peole cgo to complain to the public media and yet you do not want to disclose your name, so how do you expect peole to help you?

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    Jimmy shaba 2 weeks ago

    2017 you lost some money through the same bank and you never learnt from that .so dont complain

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    Good Fellow 2 weeks ago

    and why are still holding on to Atlasmara when they’re lots of banks with good reception?.

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    Hi there,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has impacted onto you. If you are an account holder with Atlas Mara Zambia kindly dial 202 toll-free on MTN/Airtel for assistance or to speak with a consultant. You may also inbox your contact details on any of our social media platform and your issue will be directed to the appropriate team. Thank you.

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    monde 2 weeks ago

    atlasmara or whatever they call themselves should be investigated for various financial crimes. I lost thousands from Kabwe branch and reported to frauds department. the teller tried to convince met that i had withdrawn the money from Chingola where i went, up to today they have failed to show me footage from their cctv to prove i withdrew the money. insteead, they have transferred the suspected fraudster and not compensated me in any way. their rude managers pretend to be in meetings all the time.

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    Just a guy 2 weeks ago

    Be sincere with yourself,there are automatic reversals within 10_15 min. Ati last year 2017, lost out on huge sums of money. You,you lost your called huge sums are you have been quiet for a year then you continue to bank with them. Had to believe such cheap talk. Seen broke guys like you that think ATM machines can be crooked by making false claims.

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    nineo 2 weeks ago

    I had a problem just once with barclays and I| closed my account. V’e never had a problem with them again. Why post such a stupid article without any specifics not even the name pf the account holder. Is your objective just to malign this bank or what?

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    Kadya Nikena Mbili Niya Khoswe 2 weeks ago

    Report them to CCPC and Bank of Zambia, you will find them running on their toes. CCPC sounds simple but believe me they have never failed some of us. They without fear or favor. There is no corruption at CCPC. 

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    MR ATM 2 weeks ago

    go and complain to the financial regulator