Atmosphere in Zambia very gloomy – Andrew Banda

Atmosphere in Zambia very gloomy – Andrew Banda

ANDREW Banda says he would never be scared to speak for the people.

He says the atmosphere out there is very gloomy due to the economic situation Zambia has found itself in.

“So I will never be scared to speak for the people of Zambia,” Banda said. “When you see the former Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu start speaking about this country it means enough is enough.”

He said 2019 was one of the most trying years for the country.

“The atmosphere out there is very gloomy due to the economic situation we found ourselves. Civil servants have not been paid (by Christmas eve), council workers have not been paid for months. People cannot afford to put food on the table, levels of unemployment are very high and I don’t need to repeat the numbers,” he said. “The numbers of unemployed Zambians has even increased with the increased load shedding.”

Banda said fuel and fertiliser prices were high because of the government’s use of middle men.

“We talked about load shedding but they started blaming God, ‘climate change, climate change’ but there are alternatives to climate change. We agree even us in the opposition that there is climate change indeed even now it has affected us, the situation will even be worse in 2020,” he said. “When there is situation like this, there is
technology which is put there. We should have prepared for alternative sources of energy like gas, solar, charcoal, nuclear though expensive is an alternative source of energy.”

Banda said last year the government spent colossal amounts of money on the luxury of a few politicians in power.

“We have given them K80,000 salary per month, K15,000 to K20,000 fuel per month for ministers, what about their permanent secretaries who earn almost the same amount of money, what about deputy permanent secretaries, what about district commissioners?” he asked.

On good governance, Banda said Zambians knew the story of Laura Miti and Pilato who were detained in Livingstone.

“Look at what happened at chieftainess Nkomeshya’s palace. The Solis had a ceremony [in October] close to 700 cadres from PF went there to cause confusion. It is not possible that 700 men can put themselves together without proper planning. There was no single minister at that occasion, where were they? They disturbed the ceremony. Look at the issue of Sean Tembo who was beaten for merely protesting over the fire tenders,” said Banda. “Enough is enough.”

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