Attanga asks Sata to convene an emergency meeting over Kabimba

PF deputy secretary general Bridget Attanga says she is hopeful that president Michael Sata will quickly call for an emergency Central Committee meeting to resolve the wrangles that have rocked the ruling party now that the man at the centre of controversy, Wynter Kabimba, is back in the country.

Ms. Attanga also said it was sad that some people have been talking about the corrupt and tribal elements in the PF, an allegation that has dented the image of the party.

And Ms. Attanga has maintained that Robbert Chikwelete who imposed himself as Lusaka District PF Chairman together with Goodson Banda will both not be allowed to contest the forth-coming district elections after the committees were dissolved.

The ruling PF has been engulfed in endless quarrels and bickering following the failure by president Sata to show leadership by being firm in dealing with the various factions.

The Zambianwatchdog has predicted that there are few, if any, options available for Mr. Sata between the Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) camp and Wynter Kabimba team.

The GBM team comprises heavy weights such as Willie Nsanda, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda, Prof. Nkandu Luo, Edgar Lungu, Samuel Mukupa, Alfrida Kansembe, Chishimba Kambwili and others while the Kabimba team comprises vice-president Guy Scott Silvia Masebo, Emmanuel Chenda, Geoffrey Chumbwe, Kennedy Kamba, and heavily supported by the Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe who is the causer of the confusion.

Should Mr. Sata choose the GBM team, the Kabimba camp is well armed with documentation proving massive corruption going on in the PF as all major contracts are signed at the Ministry of Justice where Kabimba is boss and sees everything, and the party will surely be labeled tribal.

On the other hand, the GBM team has all the financial muscle and support base that Mr. Sata cannot risk doing away with as he will perish politically.

Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu is today quoted in the Post newspaper saying there can be no reconciliation without Scott and Kabimba apologising or naming the corrupt and tribal elements in the PF.

Lungu has even dared Scott and Kabimba to leave the party if they so wish as they cannot continue denting the party. He has also said he will no longer work with these two senior leaders until they repent.



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