Attempted assassination of HH has hall mark of Lungu


 By Prof Michelo Hansungule

 If you know Edgar Lungu as I do, you can’t doubt HHs tweet yesterday Sunday 10th February which he sent from Sesheke that Edgar Lungu attempted to assassinate him. 

I was briefly in nearby Livingstone having crossed from a SADC Judges Forum meeting at which I was presenting just across at the Zimbabwe side of the Victoria Falls. I heard the information of an attempted assassination at ‘Kuma loan compound’ my taxi driver drove me through back to the Falls. One of the occupants of the taxi had personal knowledge of the Sesheke shootings and related all to us.

I want to say this. This is the work of Edgar Lungu. I know him very well and know what he is capable of doing. You can doubt me at your peril. The entire incident smacks the hallmark of Edgar. Let no politician in Zambia fool themselves. Edgar is just this. 

Try and threaten his grip on illegally acquired power, he will burn you alive. If you doubt this, try pose a real threat to him and see if you will have opportunity to see. I have personal knowledge of Edgar and what he is capable of doing to keep what he got illegally. Make no doubt about it, what happened and what is happening in Sesheke is exactly Edgar Lungu at play.      

Did you see the irony though? In the Saturday edition of the Zambia Daily Mail, Edgar is quoted as appealing to PF and UPND party cadres to not resort to violence. He is quoted as saying he and HH and examples of the peace he was preaching, that the two do not resort to violence.  

Very good stuff, all very good stuff! But don’t be easily fooled. Killers and murderers behave the same. They shake your hand and even smile at you before they kill you. Haven’t you noticed or read it? This is a trick to make fools feel that empty moment of safety before death strikes.  Did it not happen to Jesus Christ?

From where I stand, I have absolutely no doubt Edgar Lungu is behind this. Police Inspector General Kanganja says he will investigate, what a fool? You mean he is in charge of police but does not know the source of live ammunition these thugs were using? Really? A complete fool he is. How can such a person be trusted with the country’s security?  Not at all surprising, they are even denying live bullets were used yet they are saying they shall investigate. This is how foolish our police system has become. You haven’t investigated but you deny, God bless us!  Here in Pretoria, so-called High Commissioner Emmanuel Mwamba is disputing the authenticity of the videos by UPND showing the shooting, how foolish can a person be? Can you produce yours to debunk ‘fake’ UPNDs? What a stupid ‘Commissioner’!

I know when things like this happen, the tendency is to try international diplomacy. In normal circumstances this is how it should be. However, I want to caution against this. Why? Reason is in fact there is no international community to bank on. SADC is a foolish organisation of foolish people including Edgar the head of their defence and security cluster, in effect, a heads of state and pretenders organisation. SADC is definitely not for people. For people, let no one be fooled, there is no SADC. Even the African Union doesn’t exist for people. 

The make of these organisations is that they are meant for so-called leaders. You mean you can trust Egypt’s Sisi who became chair of the AU yesterday to rein in Edgar on democracy in Zambia yet he is executing so-called extremists in is Egypt? If, nevertheless, you do, you deserve to have your head examined. How can you complain to Edgar at SADC to deal with Edgar in Zambia, does it make logical sense? Does it make logical sense to complain to Mswati or Mnangagwa at SADC both of them still dripping with blood of their innocent citizens in their hands to rein in Edgar, really? Ask Mnangagwa where the international community was all the years Mugabe plundered Zimbabwe? International community is a fiction.   

Only Zambians can solve this problem and the time is now. No one else outside Zambia can solve it. In Livingstone on Saturday, Zambians were angrily swearing at Edgar for attempting to assassinate HH in nearby Sesheke yet they would also say ‘but God will not allow it’. Yes of course God will not allow it but it is also true that it can happen even under God’s watch. It has countless times happened before. 

Zambians who want to fight for democracy and good governance should wake-up. Edgar Lungu is not someone to play with. Of course you needn’t worry if you are his stooge as quite a number of so-called Zambian politicians are. But if you genuinely believe in democracy, be prepared to crash with him. Because he uses security forces to commit all these crimes, you must prepare.

But we should not relent. These things happen in order for us to redouble our efforts to free ourselves. Opposing dictators and even fighting them is our birth right. The constitution is testament to this. If there is one thing worth dying for, it is struggle for freedom. I repeat, this is the time to sort out this problem.

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    True Zambian 5 days ago

    Double H was nearly put in his place. ECL in a popularly elected commander in chief of the armed forces and no one should mess with him

  • comment-avatar
    BOBO 6 days ago

    If lungu surely was a killer would have started with you foolish Michelo long time ago.check this on first and second republic, Mwaana learn to respect elders

  • comment-avatar

    Edgar is a humble leader

  • comment-avatar

    This is how tribal these guys from the South are.Even a learned person at the level of a Prof.can rant like Hansungule above without facts!!!Hansungule should know that his HH is a sympathy seeker though he gets zero sympathy from majority Zambians.Kainde was advised by Govnt and ECZ not to go to Sesheke last friday because president Edgar Lungu would be there campaigning for one day only.Sadly,since HH is a very arrogant creature,he went to Sesheke while hoping that the Police will ignore him like they did in Mongu during Kuomboka.Little did HH know that ZP will not allow his NONSENSE in Sesheke,so Kainde got what he asked for!!!Govnt have ignored HH’s politics of PROVOCATION for so long,so now it is time to act.Hence,tone down HH or else 6 fit shall be your final home before 2021 as ZP have a mandate to protect the president and maintain peace in Zambia.FROM NOW ON,HH SHALL BE DOING POLITICS OF PROVOCATION AT HIS OWN PERIL,HE MUST TAKE THAT WARNING BY ZP IN SESHEKE VERY SERIOUSLY!!

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    Muntu Bulyo 7 days ago

    IG Kanganja: Nchiyanga. Surely how do you allow foreigners and thieves to shit in your house and beat up your kids just because they have given you a position and money. Even those in PF that have given him the job are laughing at him

  • comment-avatar
    Chisha Banda 7 days ago

    Musumali has a point. There cannot be development without democracy. The Zambian state invests too much money in security at the expense of developing productive sectors like Agriculture mining and tourism. Even those tribes that feel that they are running the country
    are in poverty because investment is being diverted in fighting the invisible and unknown enemies.

  • comment-avatar
    Musumali Liyunga 7 days ago

    I do not understand why Zambian fail to appreciate my advice. The fact is that the so called Zambian State is an occupying power in Barotseland and the rest of former North Western Rhodesia. Therefore there can not be any democracy and development in Zambia. I wonder where the so called Zambian Church Mother Bodies are ad the NGO who were swift to condemn the Congo D. R. violence and are now mute to do the same for their fellow citizens. The main object of now the opposition should be to ensure that the country is divided the same way it was supposed to be divided at independence. There is no longer need to parrot the saying that we are one.

  • comment-avatar
    munene 7 days ago

    This is what politics can do to once highly respected people. A prof turned into a cadre….!!!! Instead of getting facts on the ground, the whole lot of a prof just opens his mouth and expose his ignorance to the world. Education has gone to the dogs….cry mother zambia.

  • comment-avatar
    abilima 7 days ago

    Before I even opened this article, I knew who the author is – a very bitter, wannabe intellectual.

  • comment-avatar
    Mainza 7 days ago

    Lungu is a killer. He has blatantly killed before and will kill again. Make no mistake. Yesterday, a PF cadre was boasting that HH survived elimination. Lungu must know that guns do not choose the hands to use them. Kamudzu did exactly this. Notice KK silence.