Attention-seeking Cosmo fumes at Kings’ launch

By Salim Dawood
Sun 02 June 2013,

COSMO Mumba on Friday evening protested after he was not mentioned as one of the prominent attendees of Gospel artiste Kings Mumbi’s latest album launch at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.
The National Revolution Party leader who was in the company of his wife Martha took the front row along with MMD president Nevers Mumba and some NEC members, and NAREP president Elias Chipimo among others.
The ‘Pye pye pye’ album launch drew huge crowds, which filled the auditorium to capacity while scores more remained stuck outside for hours.
Bread of Life Church overseer Bishop Joe Imankando who was also in attendance, was then called to bless the show soon after Mumbi appeared on stage.
In a brief speech, Bishop Imakando recognised the presence of Mumba, Chipimo and People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti as some of the political figures in attendance but left out Cosmo.
After encouraging the fans and Zambians to support Zambian musicians, Bishop Imankando went on to auction copies of the album for KR1,000 per copy.
But when no one apart from Muchinga MMD member of parliament Howard Kunda took up the offer, local comedian and master of ceremony Kabova took it upon himself to take the copies to prominent figures in the audience.
Chipimo and his wife were Kabova’s first target before he moved to Mumba and his wife Florence and later Vera Chiluba, Sherry Thole and Angela Cifire.
After selling copies to these people, Kabova then moved to an angry-looking Cosmo who unexpectedly exploded in a rage when Kabova knelt to present the copies to him.
“Why should I buy a CD when you have not recognised me? You have recognised my friends, even Mulongoti, but you left me out,” Cosmo screamed with animated gestures as he pushed the box of CDs away.
Soon after the incident however, Kings apologised to Cosmo for the omission and thanked him for attending the show.
At this point, Cosmo walked to the stage and pledged to buy a copy of the album for KR1,000.
And before long, Cosmo was on stage to unleash some vigorous dances to the reverberating Rhumba gospel music.
Kings and his crew of male backing vocalists all clad in body fitting suits were more than equal to the task of ensuring that Cosmo did not steal the show.

Source: Post newspaper

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