Attorney General Mumba Malila saves his integrity, testifies against Masebo

Attorney General Mumba Malila saves his integrity,  testifies against Masebo



Attorney General Mumba Malila this afternoon appeared before the Roydah Kaoma tribunal probing tourism and arts Minister Sylvia Masebo and told the tribunal that Masebo erred when she dissolved the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board. Malila also told a packed court room that Masebo erred when she fired senior management at ZAWA because that was not her responsibility according to Cabinet Handbook that details the duties of a Minister.Mr. Malila said while he was on his way to Maputo, he received two phone calls one from Masebo and one from former ZAWA Board Chairman Larry Kalaba. He said he advised both of them that the Minister had no role to play in procurement hence there was no need for Masebo to cancel the duly awarded tenders.

He said he advised both of them to seek further guidance from Solicitor General Musa Mwenye and when he came back none of the two went back to him. Mumba Malila also said the Zambia Public Procurement Authority Act did not allow any Minister to cancel a duly awarded tender.

Malila caused laughter in the packed court room when he told Petition Lawyer Makebi Zulu that he agreed with every thing in the Cabinet Hand book. This was after Makebi Zulu started reading some potions of the Cabinet Handbook that he thought Masebo breached.

“To save you your time, let me just say I agree with everything in the Cabinet Handbook as the whole court including the tribunal Chairperson Roydah Kaoma went into laughter. Makebi Zulu then said even if Malila agreed with everything, he was going to continue reading so that it was on record.

Masebo starts her defense tomorrow. Former Tourism Minister William Harrington who requested for the tribunal wants Masebo probed for misconduct in the way she dissolved the ZAWA board, cancelled duly awarded tenders, ordered killing of animals minus a license and on how she fired senior ZAWA managament without going through the board.


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