Auditor general closely monitoring Covid-19 donations

Auditor general closely monitoring Covid-19 donations

Auditor General Dr Dick Sichembe says  his office is on the ground auditing government funding and donations made towards the fight against the coronavirus in the country.

In a statement Thursday  afternoon,  Dr Sichembe stated that currently his team of officers was auditing the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) and the Ministry of Health in order to enhance accountability and transparency in the management of the resources.

“The Office is also working with the Ministry of Finance to verify the receipt and disbursement of COVID-19 funds. The audit will be extended to all Ministries, Provinces and other Spending Agencies that shall receive COVID-19 resources,” Dr Sichembe stated.

He stated that his office was cognisant of the many public concerns including the Presidential call about the accountability of the COVID-19 funds and donations.

Dr Sichembe stated that his office would issue a comprehensive report once the audit is concluded.

He explained that unlike the usual audits conducted by his office, which come after the financial year end, the audit of COVID-19 will be a continuous audit (real time) “which has the advantage of early detection leading to prevention of abuse of the COVID-19 resources”.

He implored all those charged with the responsibility to superintend over the COVID-19 resources to adhere to the laws, regulations and guidelines governing the management and utilisation of public resources as the COVID- 19 resources were also regarded as public resources.

This is according to a statement by the Auditor General’s Office Head of Public Relations Ellen Muleya Chikale.

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