Auditor General was not retained due to his tribe

Auditor General was not retained due to his tribe

-For the past 6 years, there has been an ongoing project to remove all Lozis, Tonga’s and Northwesterners from public offices, including the military and police.

– First qualification for a job appointment in the Zambian government is now tribe.

Tribalism and Corruption has made Acting Auditor General Ronny Mwambwa to resign Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

Meanwhile, president Edgar Lungu has confirmed that Mr Mwambwa resigned and not retired.

President Lungu however says Mwambwa resigned for another job in Liberia.

Mr. Changala says it is very clear that The Auditor General could not have been confirmed because of his tribe

He said Corruption has also made Mr. Mwambwa to resign because the Patriotic Front government fights anyone who is seen to be fighting corruption. He cited the attacks by PF aligned Daily Nation Newspaper as proof of government ploy to hound out Mr. Mwambwa. “The Daily Nation has been attacking the Acting Auditor General everyday but he has received no backing from government. This is proof that it was the government machinery that wanted Mr. Mwambwa out,” he said. Meanwhile, Mr. Changala says the PF corruption is a Cancer that has to be curtailed just like tribalism. He said it is like big government positions have been reserved for tribal cousins the Bembas and Ngonis. ” I’m Bemba myself but surely I can not support this tribalism. Zambia under PF is the most tribal and corrupt government under the Sun. It has to be chopped off. We just have to find a civil and legal way to remove these thugs from power,” he said

Meanwhile, other information confirm that Mr Mwambwa was not confirmed as substantive Auditor General because he is Lozi.

He has been acting for three years until he resigned in frustration though government first claimed that he has reached retirement age.

The truth is that 60 is the normal retirement age but President Lungu has the powers to make a constitutional office holder to retire at 65. Almost all judges in the Supreme Court are above 60.

According to cabinet office sources, the biggest issues was the benefits that go with the constitutional office.

“they didn’t want him to have the benefits for life and they were clear that a Lozi would not be given such an opportunity,’ said a source.

For instance, he would have continued to get paid even after retirement until his death. Getting 80% of the incumbent and he would have continued having state security and maids paid by the state. Vehicles and government fuel.

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