August 11 will be revolution against PF – GBM

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 11.06.56WE will not allow President Edgar Lungu and his police to stop us from mobilising as opposition, says UPND vice-president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba.

And Mwamba says the August 11 general elections will be like the 1991 revolution.

In an interview, Mwamba said it was unacceptable that President Lungu, his members of parliament and Cabinet ministers were busy campaigning countrywide while using the defective public order Act to stop the opposition from freely mobilising ahead of the August 11 elections.

“We are not going to sit and watch him [President Lungu] deny us permits through the police. We shall go ahead and mobilise, hold public rallies. If he [Lungu] wishes to arrest us, let him go ahead,” declared Mwamba. “In fact, let him start preparing the police cells countrywide because we shall soon be potential clients of these cells as opposition. So we shall go ahead with our party programmes with or without police permits.”

Mwamba said President Lungu was scared, which was why he was busy abusing the public order Act.

President Lungu, in his address to Zambians living in Italy, on the riots that rocked the Copperbelt University and UNZA, said he loves the public order Act, but Mwamba said that law was defective and the UPND would amend it once in power.

“The public order Act is defective, and come August 11, after we assume power, we shall amend this piece of legislation in order to allow the opposition to freely mobilise and be able to compete favourably with politicians in government,” Mwamba said. “It can only take a dead scared government like that of President Lungu to use the POA to deny the opposition their right to freely assemble, and other liberties. PF should realise that they are infringing on our rights and that is making them unpopular.”

And Mwamba said President Lungu had completely failed to run the country and that on August 11, Zambians would ‘evict’ him from State House through a revolution similar to that of 1991.

“It is very clear, even to a villager, that Lungu is going. The August 11, 2016 elections will be like the 1991 revolution. Zambians are pissed off! Zambians are tired of this government. They have realised that the PF government under the leadership of Lungu is not taking them anywhere, so if he was given another term of office, people would perish. The Bible says ‘Where there is no vision, people perish’. This is basically what will happen,” Mwamba warned.

“I have been all over the country; the remotest parts of this country, they are speaking the same language and you see when a villager starts saying ‘Tulechinja ubuteko (We are changing government)’”, where I come from, just know there is trouble.”

Mwamba said there was nothing to show for PF’s stay in power.

“They [PF] have even denied peasant farmers, villagers just fertiliser, ordinary fertiliser! In the previous government, farmers were getting four bags of both top and basal dressing fertiliser but this time around, they are only getting one or sharing a bag! Now do you think the peasant farmers would want to vote such a government back into power?” Mwamba wondered.

“That is why I am saying this will be another 1991 revolution. People are aggrieved in this country; let me tell you that they will vote for the opposition. In fact, those that are upset with this government are the ones that are in the majority as opposed to those that are happy. They know that this is their time to exercise their right, failure to which they will have another five years of suffering. Who wants to do that? And make no mistake by comparing a by-election to a general election. This is why I am highly convinced that this time around, voter apathy will not be there because people want to change… and the turnout of people to vote around 06:00 hours will tell us the outcome even before the results are announced.”

Mwamba said this time around, people in rural and urban areas were not supporting President Lungu.

He said for a place like Kasama, which was once a PF stronghold, to rally in support of UPND, it showed that the Head of State had lost it.

“The status in Lusaka too has changed; the UPND is at 60 per cent in terms of support because of load-shedding and high prices of commodities. These issues have really de-campaigned Lungu. Ba taxi driver baleti ‘Mudala wesu takwete vision’ (Taxi drivers are saying ‘Our big man has no vision),” said Mwamba.


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