Augustine Seyuba named in another abuse of office issue

Augustine Seyuba named in another abuse of office issue


We would like to bring it to your attention that, Permanent Secretary for North Western Province Augustine Seyuba has gone out of his way to start abusing his office by extending his government privileges to his son and friends. The abuse of tax payers’ money is something that the Patriotic Front Government is totally preaching against. But the very persons that have been charged to control government resources by His Excellency the President Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata are busy abusing the facilities entrusted to them by the people of Zambia.

Augustine Seyuba’s  son Mesele Seyuba a director at Infinity Minerals and Resources a Lusaka based mineral exploration company was in Manyinga District on 8thMarch 2013, accompanied by his white friend John Stacey and being driven by a  government driver at tax payers’expense in Gold Pajero, a vehicle owned by Provincial Administration( Vehicle Registration Number GRZ 300 CB).  This was when Mesele Seyuba and his friend (John) were on an exploration expedition during the long weekend that was immediately after the International Women’s Day.

Sources at Provincial Administration confirmed that GRZ 300 CB was allocated to a driver Webby, to take Mesele and his friend to Manyinga for an unknown reason. Efforts to get a comment from Seyuba failed as his cell phone went unanswered. Further efforts were made to contact the Controller of Government Transport and the Transport Officer at Provincial Administration but their phones were switched off.

Seyuba’s son hid under the cover of the long weekend and the festivities to gain access to government facilities while being aided by his father Augustine. We wonder how Augustine could have allowed such a serious breach of the Abuse of Office clause in his own office when he is on record of being a prince in the fight against corruption. Augustine has allowed his son to use tax payer’s money in order to promote his interest in his son’s mineral exploration company. This company has been allocated mining exploration licenses to explore large tracts of land in Manyinga District by the Ministry of Mines. Infinity Minerals and Resources have been granted 3 large scale mineral exploration licences numbered: 16757-HQ-LPL, 16759-HQ-LPL and 16760-HQ-LPL totaling approximately 2500 sq km. The licence is located principally in Manyinga District lying between the Angolan border and the West Lunga River.Small portions of the license overlap into Mwinilunga and Mufumbwe Districts.

All these deals are being done under the supervision of Augustine who is the custodian of government resources in North Western. Augustine is set to obtain pecuniary advantage over the responsibilities that has been given to him. If left unchecked this situation is likely to develop into web of corruption that will choke economic development in North Western Province. This deal is similar to the way problems in Kalumbila were created.

The large tracts of land being offered to Seyuba’s son and his friends in North Western have led to some village headmen to complain that they have not been consulted on the land allocation. The headmen wanted to know what will happen to their villages, as there is a possibility of displacement in the whole area. To make matters worse members of the public are now pointing a finger at the Government and asking as to what action must be taken to stop the rot.

Attached is a letter of confirmation by Infinity Minerals and Resources directors claiming the land in question and a map showing the size of the land,

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