Augustine Seyuba’s bad conduct as PS for Western province revealed


We send this to you because the people who have given it to us trust that it will be delivered to the public, so that people can learn to practice what they preach.

The outgoing Permanent Secretary for Western Province Mr Augustine Seyuba is a double tongued chap who preaches transparency, accountability and corruption when he is doing the same

No matter how small it is we feel corruption is corruption period. This guy has;

1. Taken a government truck belonging to his office, purporting that it is going to Lusaka to deliver a broken down Landrover belonging to the District Commissioner’s office in Kaoma which is marooned in Kaoma, for repairs, and this is what was indicated on the driver’s imprest payment, but instead it has taken special wooden poles called (misumo) to his farm in Kafue on govt. expense, this was done recently during this week.

2. He has on various occasions asked his driver using his official duty vehicle, to go to Mkushi and Lusaka to take or collect his children or grandchildren to and from school in Mkushi, purporting that the driver is going for official duties and all at govt. expense.

3. He had officers from buildings department suspended just because they refused to buy 2 bulbs and 6 batteries for his official residence from their own pockets, when it was supposed to come from him and not at officers or govt. expense.

4. He did renovations to his official house without following proper procedures, and also let his former Provincial Minister Mr. Nathaniel Mubukwanu to single source for curtains worth K27million and make other renovations which were not necessary such as removing tiles completely and fitting new ones which were supplied by the now DC Kalabo and yet the house was renovated in 2011, to his official residence as well, but yet he never moved in until he was reshuffled to Lusaka where he sits under Kambwili’s insults.

5. He suspended and had various officers arrested dimming them as being corrupt, and yet when his top henchman and trustee was caught with blank receipts in his office by the so called Task Force on Corruption, no action has since been taken against him, no arrest no nothing, because we hear he (the PS) says he is still studying the case, does this mean that, there is selective arrests and he has the final say, who goes under the chop or not.

With these few words we say thank you, and hope for the best of your country.

Concerned people

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