Aushi chiefs refuse to attend traditional ceremony over PF cadre chief Matanda

Almost all Ushi chiefs from Luapula Province over the weekend declined to attend the Chabuka traditional ceremony of the Ushi people in Mansa because the host chief is a Patriotic Front cadre.

The nine traditional chiefs either refused to attend or were dragged to the ceremony by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo and Education Minister John Phiri.

According to one of the chiefs who did not attend the ceremony, the nine traditional leaders declined to attend the Chabuka tradional ceremony because the host Chief Matanda is a staunch PF cadre as a result other chiefs did not want to mingle with a partisan traditional leader.

“We refused to attend the ceremony because Chief Matanda is a PF cadre. Our people are complaining of late delivery or no delivery of fertliser and it would not have made sense for us to go wine and dine with a PF cadre masquerading as a chief. Nine of us refused meaning that he was alone because there are ten Ushi chiefs. If anyone went then they were forced by the two ministers Luo and John Phiri otherwise we refused” the source said.

The source named the chiefs who refused to attend the ceremony are Senior Chief Milambo, Chief Mabumba, Chisunka, Chimese, Mibenge, Kasoma-Lwela, Sokontwe, Kalaba and Kalasa Lukangaba.” All these chiefs refused to attend.

To make matters worse, even the two Ministers attended because they are in Mansa for campaigns. You may wish to know that they two Ministers are dishing out serious money during the campaigns” the traditional leader who declined to be named said.

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