AVAP: MMD promises Milanzi voters money

Anti Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) Executive Director, Bonnie Tembo has predicted high levels of voter inducement and bribery once campaigns officially kick off in the forthcoming Milanzi and Mufumbwe Parliamentary by- elections set for April 29th.
And Mr.Tembo has accused government of  using public resources to induce women voters in Milanzi by promising women’s clubs in the constituency K5million each through the community development and social services ministry.
Mr. Tembo told Qfm in an interview from Milanzi that some women’s groups leaders who could not disclose their names for fear of losing the promised money, claim that they have already started renewing their membership cards and opening up new bank accounts in readiness for the promised money from the ministry of community development minister.
He claimed the villagers have been given a number of promises ahead of the official campaigns.
Mr Tembo has since appealed to the electorate in the various villages and wards visited during the AVAP education tours to carefully assess their candidates and not vote on the basis of sympathy or bribery.

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