Avic international builds more flats for Lungu, family

Avic international builds more flats for Lungu, family

As part of corrupt tenders, AVIC international Zambia is building multi million dollar housing apartments for Edgar Lungu, wife, Ester and daughter Tasila in Lusaka’s Woodlands area.

Avic International Zambia is the Chinese company that has been given dubious tenders to construct township roads across the country. Avic was also corruptly awarded the tender to construct the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe airport. All these tenders are overpriced by at least 70%, and in most cases do not go through a requisite tender. When they go through a tender, it is just to fool the public as tenders are given to Avic by dictator Edgar Lungu who is now referred to as ‘koswe’ in Zambia due to his corrupt, thriving nature.

The apartments are right opposite Joseph Lwangwa Catholic church behind the mosque along Burma road.

This is the same land where the Lungu house of prayer would be built.
There is massive construction on the land that was initially for the Zambia forestry department. AVIC has already started tarring the roads leading to the Lungu’s apartments.

The construction of flats for Lungu and his family is part of the payment for awarding Avic International contracts.

In Photos, Avic international bosses who are cutting dirty deals with Lungu and family.

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