Back to UNIP: PF secret police arrest Lusaka Lecturer and friend over re-aligning of districts rejection

Secret Service Police on Wednesday arrested a Zambia Open University law lecturer and his friend for discussing the ‘amputating’ of Chirundu and Itezhi Tezhi from Southern province.

The two named men were picked by plain clothes policemen from arcades shopping mall and interrogated until midnight.

The two were accused of organizing protests in Mazabuka.

The two men had earlier sat at La Mimosa Restaurant at Arcades and later joined by Simata Simata the former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president and another unidentified person.

Suddenly four secret service policemen wearing black suits surrounded them Two of the Police officers were identified as a Mr Mweemba and a Mr Nawa from the Police intelligence unit at force head office.

The police demanded to talk to the Zambia Open University Lecturer and his colleagues he was with from the beginning but left out Simata Simata and the other gentleman.

They ordered them to join them for a talk at a corner.

The two Gentlemen tried to resist but the policemen told them that as police officers they were Just following orders from above and they wanted them to accompany them to police head quarters for questioning.

After some persuasions the two gentlemen obeyed and moved to a corner near the entrance to Star kenikor movies (Films) at arcades.

This attracted a lot of own lookers who were going to watch movies at arcades and the restaurant customers.

The police then told them that they were under arrest.

The Zambia Open University lawyer asked what offense they had committed. He wondered what change the Patriot Front Government had brought when they had taken the country back to the UNIP days.

The Lawyer shouted that Zambians were not free as they are now being arrested for talking freely in bars and restaurants.

The two gentlemen wanted to know what they had done to be arrested. The officer told them that they were arrested for plotting the Mazabuka protests against the moving of Chilundu and Itezhi Tezhi from Southern province to Lusaka and central provinces respectively.

The two gentlemen later cooperated and were driven to Police headquarters in the night where they  were interrogated for over two hours and only released near midnight.

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