Ballot paper thief Ng’oma charges it is unpatriotic for oppostion to dent image of the country

Disgraced UNZA lecturer Alex Ng’oma says it is unpatriotic for opposition leaders to dent the image of the country to the international community.
During the elections that brought PF in power, Ngoma was caught on CCTV hiding ballot papers which were being printed in South Africa where he went as an observer as president of FODEP.
FODEP immediately expelled him to repair the organisation’s image and therefore Ngoma has no credibility and his opinions carry no weight. Eve the PF on whose behalf he was stealing the ballot papers for have sidelined him.

Ng’oma say this following the move by four opposition leaders to petition the Commonwealth secretariat to intervene in the alleged disregard of Commonwealth values and principles by the PF government.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm News which appears to be the only media that find him relevant, Ng’oma says Zambia is a sovereign state and is capable of resolving its internal challenges.

He says opposition leaders must have engaged in dialogue with government as opposed to rushing to the Commonwealth for intervention.

The discredited lecturer added that the grievances of the opposition on the style of governance by the Patriotic Front can only be addressed through dialogue involving all concerned parties.

He says the Westphalia treaty of 1648 bestows sovereignty on national states and that only a serious crisis can guarantee the international community to meddle in the country’s affairs.

Ngoma therefore says the opposition’s attempts are untenable because the Commonwealth will not meddle in Zambia’ 2019 affairs as the country is not in a crisis.

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