Ballots for Mufumbwe to be printed outside Zambia

Ballots for Mufumbwe to be printed outside Zambia

The ballot papers for the forth-coming bye-election in Mufumbwe constituency in Nortwestern province  will aso be printed outside Zambia.

According to Electoral Commision of Zambia insiders, the commission is currently making arrangements to identify which foreign company will be paid huge sums of money to do the job that can easily be done in Zambia.

Sources in ECZ hint that the same British firm, Smith & Ouzman, that printed the ballot papers for Chama-north, Muchinga and Livingstone parliamentary by-elections will be given the money to do the simple job.

After more than one year in power, the PF could not implement even this promise of printing ballot papers in Zambia.

The MMD government was condemned by the PF for printing ballot papers within the SADC region but the PF decided to go  thousands of miles  in East Sussex, United Kingdom to print the papers.

Just the plane charge that will be used to bring the ballot papers from East Sussex, United Kingdom is more than enough to buy a starndard printer from China and place it at government printers.

Just after winning elections, President Michael Sata  said the Chongwe, Nakonde and Magoye by-elections that occured  a few weeks after the general elections were the last to use materials printed abroad.

But that was Michael Sata speaking.

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