Banc ABC employees cry over slavery wages

Dear editor,

As Banc ABC employees, we are calling on unions to come and register new members. We are tired of salary increments of about KR 100 per year. This is because we are not unionised. For the past 4 years life has been very hard for the workers. Management has continued awarding themselves hefty bonuses of about ZMW 400 thousand twice annually.

Last year alone we made KR 24 million alone as a Bank but we the workers have not seen the benefits of making such profits. We are just wondering how it will be like if we were to make a loss.

We have seen bosses bringing the so called ‘their own’ and awarding them very good salaries compared to some of us who have been loyal to the Bank.

We have no housing allowance, no transport allowance while the so called expatriates get these allowances. We are calling upon the ministry of labour to investigate thoroughly.

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