Bandits attack Mazhandu bus with stones

Stone wielding
bandits last evening
attacked a Kitwe bound Mazhandu family bus
services coach smashing
windscreens and causing panic among passengers.

The attack occurred at approximately 21:30 hours yesterday 500 metres
away from the Kapiri Mposhi weigh bridge turnoff and 5 minutes away
from the town centre.

The driver of the Mazhandu bus registration ABM
9644 nearly lost
control due to the stone bullet parade.

The Mazhandu bus was caught up in the web after the driver attempted
to thwart the theft of waterproof tents on a slow moving truck by
hooting and flashing his lights which alerted the bandits.

The state of security on Zambian night roads is still questionable
with the forthcoming UNWTO conference.
No injuries were recorded from the incident and police in the district
have launched investigations into the matter.
Night time Stone bandit attacks have become
predominant in the transit town with numerous property and lives being
lost through the development.

One of the affected passengers Evans Singoyi 
called for
seriousness among police officers in the area.
Mr Singoyi said the stone throwing bandits have
been predominant in
the area for a long time and hence advised police to beef up their
patrols and stop being dormant.
The attack occurred approximately 200 metres from
a police checkpoint.

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