Bank ABC and UBA bank named in e-voucher financial scandal  

Bank ABC and UBA bank named in e-voucher financial scandal  

Bank ABC and United Bank of Africa – UBA are the financial institutions which are being used by corrupt officials from the ministries of agriculture and finance are conniving with a Kenyan company, Export Trade Group – ETG are siphoning money from government coffers through fake e-voucher cards.

In the scandal which also involves MMD ministers but now in PF administration Felix Mutati and Dora Siliya, money is released by the ministry of finance for agro dealers who supplied agricultural produce to small scale farmers under the farmer Input Support Program – FISP but ETG. Which also participated as an agro dealer is getting their cards activated and money obtained through the two institutions.

The scam has left many genuine farmers’ cards inactivated and in Kabwe alone, according to ministry of agriculture insiders over 10,000 genuine farmers’ cards remain inactive thereby having fear of their crops being seized by the irate agro dealers. The farmers have asked government to prevent the seizure of their crops by the agro dealers but their cries have all been in vain.

A source in the ministry of finance has indicated that the two banks are the ones through which the money is being released and wondered what relationship exists between ETG and the financial institutions.

The agro dealers have also threatened to throw the 2017/2018 farming season into chaos as they have vowed not to give out any of their farming inputs under the trouble prone e-voucher system. If done, this may lead to serious food shortages next year.

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