Banker in court for obtaining money using fake pregnancy

Banker in court for obtaining money using fake pregnancy

A 36 year old ZANACO Banker has pleaded not guilty to one count of obtaining money by false pretenses contrary to section 309 of the penal code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Anita Siamuzwe is accused of fraudulently obtaining K68,000 from her boyfriend Wilfred Phiri (William Beckford) by falsely pretending that she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy when in fact not.

When the matter came up before the Lusaka magistrate court for explanation of charge and plea, the accused said she understood the charge and pleaded not guilty.

The matter comes up on 24th November 2020 for commencement of trial.

Anita Siamuzwe, an employee of ZANACO Xapid Branch, on Cairo Road was arrested on August 6, 2020 for obtaining about $2500.00 fraudulently. Allegations are that Ms. Siamuzwe faked a pregnancy and received the funds as maintenance while she was “pregnant” and subsequently when the Baby was born. But after going through medical tests to determine whether she was ever pregnant, tests results showed that she had never been pregnant in her lifetime.

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