Bankers Association speaks out on VISA scam

THE Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ) has advised customers to be watchful when using debit cards especially when transacting abroad.

In the last few days, some retail banking customers in Zambia have reported suspicious cases involving debit cards on their accounts to their banks.

BAZ chairman Savior Chibiya in a statement said initial investigations by the association reveal that some cards could have been replicated or skimmed and are now being used abroad to transact on both Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and points of sale machines.

Mr Chibiya said a number of banks have taken various protective and preventive measures to protect customers’ funds and ensure customers are not inconvenienced.

“In the meantime, to avoid inconvenience, it is advisable to contact your bank before you travel outside the country as some banks may have reduced the limits in certain high risk countries as precautionary measures,” he said.

He also urged customers to get in touch with their banks should they notice any suspicious transactions on their accounts for investigations and appropriate action to ensure customers are not inconvenienced.

The association has further warned customers not to write their personal identification numbers(PIN) on debit or credit cards or respond to emails that request them to provide information via emails.
BAZ has warned customers against lending debit/ credit cards to anyone.

“Keep an eye on your credit card every time you use it….periodically check your account balance and transactions by utilising online banking, by telephone or by printing interim statements at the ATM,” reads the statement.

BAZ has further warned customers to be wary of people trying to help them especially when an ATM “eats” their card, as they may be trying to steal their pin and account number using remote devices.

The association has urged customers to ensure that, when withdrawing money from the ATM machines, no one sees their PIN numbers.

BAZ adds that in the event that the ATM transactions for one reason or another fails, customers should notify security personnel manning the ATM and check for any suspicious gadget in the ATM card slot.

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