Bankrupt PF govt now targets Zambian tenants and landlords after failing to tax mines

After failing to collect taxes from mining houses, the bankrupt PF government has now embarked on milking more money from citizens by targeting taxes from rentals.

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has so far been running an aggressive campaign through text messages calling on all landlords and tenants to obtain Tax Payers Identification Numbers (TPIN) and pay taxes for rentals.

As always the case, landlords will simply pass on the burden to tenants by increasing house rentals for already heavily taxed Zambian citizens, while mining houses keep digging trenches, export high value commodities, use almost free electricity, and later declare huge loses to the Zambian government.

And what do you expect when the Zambian president is heavily drunk half the time to a point of failing to meet important investors such as Dangote, while the entire State House Staff is full of thieves like Keizer Zulu, Emmanuel Chilubanama and others.

The PF government is currently running a huge budget deficit, but that does not apply to huge cabinet and deputies each with a fleet of vehicles that has now to be maintained by Zambian citizens.

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