‘Banks and insurance companies robbing clients’

Dear editor,

I want to bring out one thing which is going on in the banking sector concerning loans.

I had a loan with Zanaco in 2012 which I had to off set in 2013 by paying it off and to my surprise one of the members of staff at Zanaco civic center told me that when u offset a loan the insurance that you paid will have to be paid back to you which most of the people do not know. As a result insurance companies and banks are taking advantage and enriching themselves.

I was thereafter promised that I will be given my money butt up to now they have not, I have tried to make follow ups but all to no avail. I am writing this to let many people know that when u offset a loan the bank needs to refund u the insurance that you paid for that loan. Let them refute this allegation!

Thank you.

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