Banned MISA group fights back




We wish to dismiss the press statement issued by Media Trust Fund Board (MTFB), Chairperson Mandla Seleoane, purporting to among other things dissolve the MISA NGC.

The MTFB claim to be acting upon the recommendations from Trustees of MISA Zambia. If such a recommendation was ever made, it is also illegal.

The action by the MTFB is illegal. The body doesn’t have the powers they purport to exercise in this matter. Further the jumped the due process required in moments of such a crisis.

According to the MISA constitution, any wrangles or crisis should be dealt with by the NGC or if there is failure to do so, the Annual general Meeting (AGM) or if there is urgency to the matter, an extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called at the shortest possible time.

We therefore call upon the members and all stakeholders to remain calm until such a time that a lawful body will resolve this entire crisis. Since there is a scheduled AGM due, it is imperative that this upcoming event is given a chance to convene and help address all issues that have arisen and restore order and usher in a new leadership.

As the duly elected National Governing Council (NGC), we wish to state that the action of Mr. Mandla Seleoane is outside the Constitution, procedures and regulations of MISA.

 To this effect all measures announced by Mr. Seleoane will not take effect as they are illegal.

We shall convene to make further announcement to ensure that an AGM is held as soon as possible to among other things resolve the leadership wrangles and adopt the proposed constitution amendments from the Region.

Equally, the NGC does not accept the appointment of Fanwell Chembo as a caretaker, because it has been in his administration before he retired that many wrong doings were committed that has led to numerous management problems in MISA Zambia Chapter up to this day. In this light Chembo’s appointment must be considered null and void. Additionally, there must a neutral person to preside the AGM other than the trustees, if the AGM has to be conducted in normal manner.

Thank you.

Joseph Mkandawire

On behalf of:

MISA – Zambia National Governing Council

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