Banning of ‘noisy’ opposition rallies part of Sata’s medication

Banning of ‘noisy’ opposition rallies part of Sata’s medication

sataIn March, 2012, President Michael Sata secretly and hurriedly flew to India.

The Times of India and other International media later reported that Sata went for a laser procedure at Samved Hospital to remove bleeding in the urine.

The Zambia government refuted the news and instead said the president went to woe investors. Photos events showing Sata seating in hotel lobbies with some Indians were organised.

But the Watchdog has been informed that when Sata returned from this medical trip, a meeting of security and medical personnel was convened.

The meeting was attended by senior defence and security officials, state house officials and Sata’s personal doctors.

The meeting agreed that president Michael Sata was under too much stress and that most of the depression was caused by the ‘talkative’ opposition.

The meeting observed that Sata is very sensitive to criticism. Any criticism is enough to make him hit the roof.

According to one of the persons who attended the meeting where Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba was in attendance, the meeting resolved that the only way to give the president peace of mind is to ban political activities.

The meeting observed that even if Sata is given first class medication, he will continue being unwell as long as the opposition are allowed to question his policies.

It was resolved that the police be instructed to implement the colonial Public Order Act to the letter.

The meeting resolved that rallies where the president and or the PF policies will be denounced or questioned should not be allowed anymore.

From March 2012, the police have consistently refused to allow the opposition hold rallies or meet people in markets.

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