Barclays employee Gondwe took more money from vault

Barclays employee Gondwe took more money from vault

Pamela Gondwe the fugitive Barclays Bank Zambia employee who is suspected of defrauding the bank out of US400000 cash also took 22000 Euros and 1200 British Pounds in a suitcase , according to latest information.

Pamela is the author of a book titled ‘tears in a suitcase’.

According to sources in the International Police (INTERPOL), the review of the CCTV at Longacres branch reveal the missing extra cash.

Meanwhile, Barclays Bank top management has been shocked with the revelation because they wanted the matter to be dealt with in secrecy.

By 13 hours local time( Management were having an emergency meeting at Elunda Park which houses The Bank’s Headoffice.

Meanwhile, Pamela has posted the following ‘poem’👇

Departure into unknown lands.

‘The gladdest moments, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

“I am a traveler who struggles with post-trip sadness. I need a cure.
The cure: Another trip, of course!”

“Eventually, I will settle back in…and of course, start to plan my next trip. Because I am a traveler and I want to explore the beautiful unknown lands and be part of the magnificent world!”

“I have this desire to shake the dust of this crummy little town off my feet, get on the plane and go to see the world”.

Beloved Spain 🇪🇸 Until Soon! ❤️

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    This lady was not broke it’s said she got 20,000 per month paid 10months for a family rental house in advance and later robbed a bank…. I do not know what led her to this but with this economy now even the rich are thieves Abena Zambia Mukose

  • comment-avatar
    Alice Mphande 3 days ago

    But mwandi, the little you have is enough as long as you are leaving freely,not like this traveling from one place to another with no Peace,May The Almighty direct you in a good way that can remaind your life.

  • comment-avatar

    but the idiot is dull. at least should have thought of fake robbers to assist her to steal.

  • comment-avatar
    Muntu Bulyo 7 days ago

    I can assure you that she will be caught. With technology, this world is getting smaller. It is not possible for a black person to steal so much money from a white man’s bank and get away with it. Even those people who recommended and employed the lady should start worrying because they will be black listed with her.

    • comment-avatar

      She is a naive dunderhead. Being black she will be easy to spot in Europe or the U.S. Thieves have been arrested in South Africa where it is easier to hide.

      After her joyride ends it will be back to reality in a stinking cell.

      Of course her former supervisors and co-custodian at the bank are more dull.