Barclays managers await their unknown fate

The 143 Barclays bank managers who have been asked to apply for downgraded positions will know their fate on December 14, 2010, informed sources in the bank have revealed.

Meanwhile, a Zambian couple based in UK has accused Barclays bank of cheating on its VISA services.

The affected managers re-applied for the low positions with fewer incentives on Monday.

Bank spokesperson Webster Malido was forced to issue a statement on Monday after the story was published on this website on Sunday evening.

In the statement, Malido tried to paint the development as a positive restructuring exercise but admitted that ‘some roles and positions in the business would be impacted by way of being merged, upgraded, and downgraded while some would completely fall away’.

He said the newly-created positions would be advertised internally and all eligible employees would be at liberty to apply for the available roles.

“As a result, a total of 141 management positions will be impacted by the re-organisation. No unionised colleagues will be impacted in any way as a result of this exercise,” he claimed.

But this is not the first time Barclays Bank has dismissed employees in a similar fashion

About three years back, Barclays sold most of buildings across the country and many employees lost their jobs. But within a few months, Barclays started recruiting more employees and opening new branches. But because its buildings were sold a year earlier, they started operating in containers in some cases. But in this case, they over employed again. They had to fire thousands of workers across the country.

Other insiders indicate that the current process is to create room for the new managing Director form Citibank to come with his chosen staff. The MD, Chibiya takes up his appointment mid December.

Meanwhile, a Zambian couple based in UK has accused Barclays bank of cheating on its VISA services.

The couple, whose names have been withheld, complained that the Bank does not allow them to check their balances using their VISA cards.

They complained that they have been clients of the bank for many years but that now they are surprised by this conduct by the bank.

The couple said that at first they thought this was just a mistake on their particular cards but that the4y have been told by the bank that that is how things are now.

The couple said at first they went to the Barclays card centre along Cairo road when they last visited Zambia to lodge their complaints. They said they found three ‘rude’ girls who dodged their questions by pretending not to understand.

The couple later went to Mutaba House where they were told that the bank has limited the services VISA card holders can use while outside Zambia.

But the couple vowed to discard the Barclays bank accounts saying this is a sure way of being cheated by the bank./ They wondered how someone can just be withdrawing money without checking the balance.

‘So, one day, you just go to the ATM and the machine tells you there is no money,’ said the couple.

Other Zambians based outside have also expressed their frustration by the move by Barclays to only allow clients to withdraw money using their VISA and o other service possible.

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