Barclays’ new Visa charges appear fraudulent

I wish to call upon Bank of Zambia (BOZ) and Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) to quickly investigate the possible fraud being committed by Barclays Bank on Visa Electron withdrawers using the bank’s ATMs. It is noted that Barclays has introduced Seven Kwacha (K7.00) Visa fee debited instantly. In essence, Customers with Visa cards from other banks using Barclays Bank ATMs will now be charged twice – by Barclays (K7.00) and by Visa cards issuing bank for prescribed external Visa withdrawal. For example, if Stanbic charges K5.00 external Visa withdrawal, a Stanbic Visa customer who uses Barclays will now end up being charged K12.00 for a single withdrawal (K7.00 by Barclays and K5.00 by Stanbic)!

A few days ago I used one of Barclays ATMs and I received the following message: “ZMW 1007.00 was withdrawn from Acc. ending 0100 through network ATM. Your available balance is now ZMW 2536.96”. In this transaction, I withdrew K1000. Apart from the K7.00 shown, I was again debited the NORMAL charge by my bank.

I wonder if Barclays Bank customers should equally be charged double when they withdraw from other banks’ ATMs?

BoZ and CCPC should move swiftly to redress this daylight fraud by a bank that is Globally known to often engage in criminal vices.

Concerned Consumer

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