Barclays sends Randy Director in forced leave

Barclays sends Randy Director in forced leave

Barclays Bank management is said to have sent its Director and Chief Risk Officer, Colllin Chasha on forced leave pending investigations.

This follows allegations of sexual misconduct cases reported separately against Chasha, by two husbands of his juniors.

Last week, Chasha was suspended as choir director of the award winning Northmead Assembly of God Mega Choir after a hearing that established that he was having multiple adulterous affairs with junior female officers from his office.

Two victim husbands of wives allegedly having sexual relations with Chasha filed the complaints and evidence, to the Church and to Barclays Bank management.

Last year, the Bank cleared Chasha of similar complaints of sexual harassment and sexual predatory behaviour.

And the local union of the Zambia Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW ) has requested management to investigate the sexual allegations.

The Union wants management to establish that recent changes and promotions made in Chasha’s department and others, were not influenced by acts of sexual favours or sexual harrasment.

ZUFIAW is a 33 member unionised institution.

It is led by the General Secretary, Chingati Msiska, and President, Ackim Mweemba.

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    Blago 2 weeks ago

    It’s so common in Zambia for individuals in high positions to have sexual affairs with their juniors. How do you sleep with a person that you supervise? Very low-class behavior.

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      Draw Parallels 2 weeks ago

      It’s more to do with institutions protecting “vulnerable employees”.
      Look at Harvey Weinstein and his former studio’s board members have reached a tentative $44 million deal to resolve lawsuits filed by women who accused him of sexual misconduct and by the New York State attorney general, according to three people briefed on the matter.
      The outcome of the settlement talks will be especially notable because the lawsuits are one of the main avenues by which Mr. Weinstein could be held responsible for his alleged actions.
      He is facing criminal charges in New York for allegations of sexual violence against two women. But more than 80 women have accused him of wrongdoing, and many of those complaints involve sexual harassment, which is a civil violation, not a criminal one. So the details of any settlement — such as whether it includes an admission of wrongdoing by Mr. Weinstein — would carry significant symbolism.
      The proposed sum is less than half of what was initially discussed as a victims’ fund as part of conversations last year between an investor group that was interested in buying assets of the Weinstein Company and Eric T. Schneiderman, who was then New York’s attorney general. That proposed deal, which fell apart at the last minute, included a victims’ fund worth up to $90 million.

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    When power and money are placed in te wrong hands