Barclays sexual promotions exposed


Please hide my ID.

It’s high time Barclays Bank got exposed. Barclay’s management has a biased system of performance review. It’s so unfortunate that the once reputable bank has now gone to the dogs. This is evident in their pathetic customer service. The workers are frustrated and don’t care what service they offer to the public.

Barclays uses a tool known as performance development to appraise performance.

The fact that good appraisal comes with an incentive of cash and promotions at the end of the year, most managers especially in Lusaka and southern province have become abusive, Since they know that they are the final people to submit the grades.

These managers want to be worshipped like small gods. Only those colleagues who sleep with them, worship, or bribe them are the ones that have ended up being promoted and appreciated through bonus.

Statistics actually show that the strong ones like us have ended up leaving the company for lesser paying jobs just to at least wear a smile in the office. The most unfortunate thing is that senior management is aware but is always playing a deaf ear coz those abusers are their friends or relatives.

May God punish these inhuman creatures and bless the many souls that have suffered at the hands of these tyrants. If one thinks this is a lie, let the government send private investigators to the company and privately interview the lowly graded people.

Please for security reasons I want to remain anonymous

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