Barotse activists found with case to answer, will open defence on Thursday

The four Barotse activists who have been in detention at Mukobeko maximum security prison have all been found with a case to answer but could not open their defence today as there are some documents they want to use in their defence. They have all pleaded not guilty to the charge and are expected to open defence on Thursday.

About two weeks ago, the court found Afumba Mombotwa, Sylvester Kalima Inambao, Likando Pelekelo and Paul Masiye Masiyaleti with a case to answer and put them on defence which was supposed to start today but their lawyer Humphrey Mweemba asked for an adjournment as there are some documents which the accused would like to use in their defence.

The four have been charged with the said offence for advocating for the restoration of the Barotse agreement of 1964 which was breached by the Zambian government during the reign of Kenneth Kaunda. The offence carries a maximum of death sentence by hanging.

They were brought to court amid very tight security escort and as court proceedings were taking place, armed policemen cordoned the high Court premises, while traffic on Freedom way in Kabwe was blocked.

Meanwhile, the Acting Administrator General of Barotseland has told the Watchdog that the people of the region were not shaken by the charge their heroes were facing. He said that God will vindicate Mombotwa and the other three as the truth about the breach of the Zambian government will be laid bare. He promised to make the Barotse agreement available to the public for people to make their own judgment.

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