Barotse activists still detained as DPP Nchito fails to issue instructions

The case in which over 50 Barotseland activists including former Ngambela Clement W. Sinyinda are still incarcerated  has hit a twist with Zambia’s Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito failing to issue instruction for commencement of trial to the High Court of Zambia because according to him, ‘the case is a national policy matter’ that he must refer to Attorney General, Mumba Malila.

As such the case has once again been adjourned to 29th November 2013 for yet another mention and possible commitment to the high court for trial.

However, according to Barotse Post, there has emerged in this court process two camps and with two different schools of thought and defense among the detainees.

One camp is composed of Linyungandambo led by a Mr Masiye who insist that they are not Zambians and must not appear and be tried by the Zambian courts, while the other camp is that led by Hon. Sinyinda  who have not denied their Zambian status.

The Linyungandambo group is not represented by any Lawyer as they represent themselves, and they are very consistent under the leadership of Mr. Masiye who is named in the Afumba led transitional government as deputy to the secretary of state – defense, Jacob Mashwelo named as deputy to the secretary of state – finance and a Mr. Kalaluka Muleta. These and 24 others signed a petition and application demanding to be tried by the commonwealth courts as they state that they are not Zambians.

The rest under the Hon. Sinyinda camp are represented by lawyers and are demanding a Preliminary Inquiry into the case since it has taken long, whose ruling will be Monday next week, although the case has been adjourned to the 29th of November 2013 at which time the case may be committed to the high court.

Courtesy of Barotse Post

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