Barotse King celebrates 10 years of pwer

Barotse King celebrates 10 years of pwer

The Litunga of Barotseland His Royal Majesty (HRM) Lubosi Imwiko the second today celebrates his ten year reign in Barotseland.

king Lubosi Imwiko II

The ceremony which is taking place in Limulunga Royal village at the King’s palace, has attracted participation of all senior chiefs in Barosteland.

The Litunga took over the throne in 2002 after the death of then King Ilute Yeta IV.

Te event starts with a interdenominational church service in the Saa Traditional Court before feasting starts.

His Majesty has seen the intensification of the fight against the abbrogation of the Barotseland agreement by the Zambian governments,.

He has also achieved among other things the declaration of Barotseland as a separate state from Zambia

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