Barotse National Freedom Alliance demands report of Commission of Enquiry

Barotse National Freedom Alliance demands report of Commission of Enquiry

harringtonThe Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) has demanded that Government publishes the full Dr Rodger Chongwe Commission of Enquiry Report on the 2012 Mongu Barotseland Agreement 1964 related disturbances as opposed to issuing mere statement on the same.

BNFA Trustee William Harrington  told QFM radio that it is public knowledge that some unarmed and defenceless youth were killed in cold blood by State agents during the Mongu disturbances.

Mr. Harrington said that  it has also been alleged that about ninety persons disappeared in unexplained circumstances and remain unaccounted for to-date.

He said it is extremely disappointing to note that the Republican Vice President Inonge Wina has reneged on her own word after she had given an encouraging assurance on the floor of the House recently that Government will release the Dr Rodger Chongwe Report and two other Reports and only issue a statement instead of publishing the full reports of the three Commissions of Enquiry.

He noted that if Government feels it has nothing to hide, then it should not hesitate to release the full reports for public consumption.

Mr. Harrington said that this is unacceptable and the position taken by Government has created the public perception that it has something to hide over the reports.

He said the Reports are of public interest and therefore a mere statement will not suffice and will be a mockery of the whole exercise of having the Commissions in the first place.

And Mr. Harrington has also demanded that President Edgar Lungu seriously considers extending his prerogative of pardon to Mombotwa and his group currently incarcerated in prison for over a year now and facing treason charges.

He said whilst the President can exercise his prerogative in any manner he desires or sees fit, he believes it is fair and proper that these elderly persons in detention over the Barotseland Agreement-related matters are also accorded due consideration and released forthwith.

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