Barotse Ngambela to issue statement on secession progress as PF removes Lozi policemen from Western province

Barotse Ngambela to issue statement on secession progress as PF removes Lozi policemen from Western province

Clement W. Sinyinda

Barotseland Prime Minister (Ngambela) Clement W. Sinyinda is expected to announce the next steps for that region’s resolutions to break away from Zambia and form a new State.

And the Watchdog has been informed that the Zambia police have systematically removed all Lozi speaking officers from Western province.

Sources say the removal of Lozi speaking officers from Barotseland has been going on from the time the PF regime was formed. The Lozi officers are being  replaced by officers from other provinces.

But some members of the Linyungandambo say the move is likely to backfire as officers drawn from other provinces do not know the terrain of the region in case of trouble.

Linyungandambo members explained that the police officers from Muchinga and other provinces will have problems communicating with local people because indigenous people don’t take kindly to people who address them in other languages even when they are asking for directions.

On the next steps to be taken by the region, Ngambela Sinyinda is expected to give the road map in time from April 27, 2012.

This is because the one month that the Barotse National Council gave to the Bartose government to start disengaging with Zambia comes to an end on 27, April 2012.

The Barotse National Council was held from 26th to 27th March, 2012 in Limulunga in the Barotseland.

During that meeting, the council resolved, among other things that:

‘The Barotse Government should, within 30 days, put in place a transition process leading to taking over all government functions in Barotseland and the election of the KATENGO Legislative Council.

‘9. We mandate the Barotse Government to immediately engage the Zambian government with the sole purpose of working out transitional arrangements towards self-determination for Barotseland within the shortest possible time under the auspices of the United Nations.’

Ngambela Sinyinda’ statement will therefore give an update on what has been done so far on those mandates given to him.

It will also be a process leading to the second Bartose National Council which the BNC demanded that should be convened at the end of June 2012 to receive reports on the progress on the above resolutions.

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