Barotse resolutions irresponsible & unacceptable – Scott

Barotse resolutions irresponsible & unacceptable – Scott

Government says the resolutions of the Barotse National Council for western province to secede from Zambia are irresponsible and unacceptable.

Vice President Guy Scott who presented a ministerial statement on the matter in parliament today monitored by QFM NEWS, said Government will not abdicate its responsibility as custodian of the interest of the Zambian people.

Dr Scott says secession is a serious issue which should not be connected to the Barotseland agreement or failure to restore the agreement.

He says the resolutions of from the seven districts in western province for secession were a stage managed and orchestrated affair with no proof of adequate consultation.

He adds that government insists that the resolutions by the BNC to breakaway from the rest of Zambia would have to be considered by all the people of Zambia through a process that involves elaborate and credible consultation.

The Vice President said the resolutions of the BNC have severe consequences and ramifications if not correctly managed.

QFM NEWS reports that Dr Scott has further stated that government will rise to the challenge of protecting the lives of people and property.

He has since appealed for calm in the country and continued dialogue with the Barotse Royal Establishment.

And Dr Scott said government is ready to engage with any serious and well intentioned party on the Barotseland issue.

He pointed out that the fact that the Barotse National Council was allowed to peacefully take place for two days is evidence of the PF Government’s attitude towards freedom of speech, freedom expression and freedom of expression.

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