Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) summons Provincial Administration to appear before the Kuta

File picture: BRE Kuta

Following the PF and government driven violence and lawlessness experienced in Western Province (Barotseland) in the past two weeks, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has summoned the Provincial Administration (govt) and political party provincial leaders to appear before the Kuta at Limulunga Royal Village today Monday 18th February at 10 hours.
Also summoned is the Mayor for Mongu, Town Clerk and Mongu District Commissioner.
After the meeting the Kuta is expected to hold a press briefing to inform people on the outcome of the deliberations.
The BRE has not specified on reasons for the summoning but it is believed to include the recent violence in Sesheke and the attempt by PF cadres to take over bus stations and Markets in Mongu.
Last week on Thursday PF thugs temporarily took over the main bus station in Mongu and started levying all buses and taxis but were pushed the same day. Several travelers were also attacked in the process by the PF cadres. The cadres also temporarily took over markets and forced traders to pay levy to the cadres.

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