Barotse Royal Establishment says Post lied, Litunga supports secession

The Barotse Royal Establishment says it is shocked and dismayed by lies published by the Post newspaper suggesting the Litunga (lozi King) does not support secession.

A statement signed for and on behalf of the Barotse Royal Establishment by Induna Inete said the Litunga fully supports the resolutions to secede.

It read in part:

‘The meeting  was addressed  by the Kuta and not The Litunga.  And what is more is that the reporter  a Mr. Habalu  was not present  at the meeting.  The BRE  wishes  to challenge  Mr. Habalu to name his source  or face whatever  action  the Kuta shall take in defense  of the institution  of the Litungaship.

His majesty  The Litunga  never uttered  such words’ None of the Catholic  Priests  can attest to such blatant  lies. The Litunga  merely  attended  the meeting  to receive  the briefing  of the Kuta on the deliberations  with the clergy.  He did not
make a statement  on secession  whatsoever.

The Litunga  does not make any personal statements  or take a personal  position  on the National  issues  affecting  Barotseland.  This is the
function  of the Baroste  National  Council  (BNC)  and the Kuta.
The Barotse  National  Council  was summoned  by The Litunga  and his Kuta and it took months  of preparations.  The Resolutions  of the BNC  were presented  to The Litunga  through  the Privy Council  of allthe senior  Chiefs  in Western  Province,  which in turn approved  the Resolutions.
* The allegations  that are being made against  The Litung5  that he did not approve  of these Resolutions  are totally false and malicious.

The whole of The BRE  system  are fully aware  that The Litunga  fully approved  these Resolutions  and directed  the Kuta to implement  them.The BRE  urges  the people  of Barotseland  to ignore  these malicious  lies and rally behind  the BRE and His Majesty  The Litunga.’

See the full statement BRE STATEMENT 24 NOVEMBER 2012 (1)

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