Barotse Royal Establishment writes president Banda demanding to secede

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has written to president Rupiah Banda demanding the secession of Western Province, the Watchdog has been reliablly informed.

And a Movement called the Barotse Freedom Movement, which appears to have the full backing of the BRE and comprises many eminent Lozi speaking people has been born.

Click here to see the Zambia Independence Act of 1964 and the agreement relating to Barotseland:

According to highgly placed sources, the demand letter was delivered to president Rupiah Banda yesterday, Friday October 15, 2010.

It was signed by mebers of the Barotse Freedom Movement and all members of the Kuta, or BRE cabinet.

The letter, which states that the cessation of Barotseland is innevitable, was copied to the United Nations (UN) and the African (AU).

The later was also copied to all High Commissioners and Ambassadors accredited to Zambia.

President Rupiah Banda is tomorrow expected to be in Western provincce to commission construction of the Mongui-Kalabo road according to State house, but the cessation matter could be the real reason.

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