Barotse youths disappointed with Litunga, accuse Wina of Satanic appetite for money

                              BAROTSE NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE

                                                                                                                      National Office

15th NOVEMBER,2012


We the Youths of the Royal Kingdom of Barotseland have received the untimely news of the resignation of the Ngambela, (Prime Minister) with grave disappointment, sorrow, disgust and dismay especially that the BRE who have assured us of their support on the issue of disengagement from our suppressors, were heard on a community radio accepting the resignation of the Ngambela without consulting the people and all district “kutas” of Barotseland.

The fact that the BRE rushed to the Community Radio to accept the resignation is a clear testimony that they are determined to derail Barotseland’s roadmap to independence and they are in a hurry to remove from any position of authority anyone who strongly advocates the independence of Barotseland like our beloved Right Honorable Prime Minister Wainyae Clement Sinyinda. This has not come by surprise because our suppressors and their collaborators right in the “Kuta” have been working hard to frustrate, suppress, suffocate and destroy the BNC Resolutions of the people of Barotseland.

Some “Indunas” and “Likombwa” and your collaborators in the “Kuta”, including that one….the very one, honestly you have sold all the souls (mioyo ya Bana ba Bulozi) for a few pieces of silver by mounting a destructive propaganda against our own His Excellence the Prime Minister (Ngambela) on behalf of our enemy and oppressor just like the biblical Judas Iscariot.

We further express our disappointment to the “Kuta” for not supporting and respecting the office of the Ngambela and for not standing with the people of Barotseland in their quest for the long awaited self determination which is clearly backed up by the BNC Resolutions.

The Prime Minister of Barotseland is merely discharging his duties in line with the wishes of the people of Barotseland and therefore anyone who fights the prime Minister in carrying out this mandate from the BNC is fighting the entire nation of Barotseland and can only be described as a traitor.

We are warning all traitors whose intention is to trade the independence of Barotseland for their malnourished stomachs, that the people of Barotseland will not seat back and watch you destroy the BNC Resolutions and all the achievements we have gained in the quest for our independence so far.

The Youths of Barotseland are greatly disappointed with your Majesty for allowing these disastrous traitors to derail our unstoppable progress towards our independence.

We are further disappointed with your Majesty for secretly dinning with Barotseland’s long standing number one enemy Sikota Wina, whose intentions have and will always be to cripple the Kingdom of Barotseland for his satanic appetite for bloody money. It is unacceptable that your Majesty can allow Sikota Wina to set foot in the Palace and later on to accept him as an emissary of the oppressing government of our neighboring Northern Rhodesia.

We would now like to remind your Majesty of the atrocities previously committed by your newly found companion Sikota Wina and the enemy government he represents.

Sikota Wina was instrumental in the following disastrous and retrogressive enactments against the Kingdom of Barotseland:

  • Local government act of 1965 which took away the powers of the Litunga.
  • Constitution (Amendment) (No. 5) Act, 1969 which abrogated the BA 64.
  • The Western Province (Land and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act  No 47 of 1970 which drove the last nail in the coffin for the purposes of abrogating the Barotseland Agreement 1964 and the total dismemberment of Barotseland by taking away the residual powers of His Majesty The  Litunga.

Therefore, Sikota Wina has no room in charting the way forward for Barotseland.

Furthermore, we the Youths of Barotseland are aware that there was a stage managed plan to coronet new “Indunas” as a front by the traitors and their sponsors to remove the “Ngambela” from his office by Friday 16th November, 2012 and replace him with someone who was going to help frustrate the fight for the Independence of Barotseland.

Finally we are calling all the District Chiefs and some well meaning members of the BRE to urgently convene the Privy Council in order to chart the way forward in implementing the BNC Resolution, and to immediately restore the Prime Minister Clement Sinyinda in his office and to come up with security of tenure mechanism of his office.

We wish to urge all citizens of Barotseland especially the Youth to remain steadfast knowing too well that it’s always darkest before dawn. Therefore, let us all be united and soldier on for if there is no enemy within, an enemy outside cannot harm us. Let us be vigilant and alert.



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