Barotseland activist Inambao Kalima finally admitted in Kasama General Hospital

The Zambian prison authorities have finally allowed the sick Barotseland political prisoner Sylvester Inambao Kalima to access medical attention and he has since been admitted at Kasama General Hospital.
Kalima has been unwell for some time after he was allegedly poisoned in prison and is believed to be confined to a wheelchair as he cannot walk unaided. He was admitted to hospital on Tuesday.
Last week the Linyungandambo led Barotseland Transitional Government (BTG) had issued a warning to Edgar Lungu that he would personally be held accountable should Kalima die in prison.
Kalima is saving a 10 year jail sentence together with Linyungandambo freedom fighting movement leader Afumba Mombotwa and Likando Pelekelo. The three are currently being held in separate prisons far from their families in Kasama, Luwingu and Mansa respectively.
The three were sentenced last year for their role in implementing the 2012 Barotseland National Council (BNC) resolutions that resolved to accept Zambia’s abrogation of the 1964 Barotseland Agreement and to revert Barotseland to its pre- 1964 status as a sovereign state.

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