Barotseland activists tear Zambian constitution

Barotseland activists tear Zambian constitution

Hundreds of angry Barotseland activists Thursday  invaded the District Administration Office in Mongu and tore over 500 copies of Draft Zambian Constitution booklets translated in Lozi.

But Mongu DC Morris Litula said the Constitution Consultation process in Western province would go ahead because the Draft Constitution copies torn at his office were just a few.

Last week the people of Western province said they were not interested in the constitution because it does not apply to the Barotseland nation but only applied to their neighbors in Zambia.

Others argued that even if  they participated their views are never taken into consideration.

But the PF government has been going round distributing the draft constituion in Barotseland a move that has angered activists. The activists collected all the distributed copies and took them to the DC’s offices.

Whent  the DC refused to recieve them saying he was ‘neither the author or distributor’ of the draft constitutions, the activists tore them up and dumped them in front of his office.

Police in the area have since promised to take up the matter.

Mongu DC Litula later told journalists that the process will still ‘go ahead because we are in Zambia’.

The PF government led by president Michael Sata is receiving rejection from some areas of the country because of it’s tribalism and nepotsim.

All senior ministerial positions, State House offices, leading embassies, Permanent secretaries and most public offices are filled by either president Sata’s close family members or tribesmate.

When Sata was requested by chiefs from North-Western province to consider including Zambians from Northwestern in his cabinet, he said that he does no balance tribes, but balances brains, implying their are no brains in other regions.


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