Barotseland activists to be re-arrested once they reach Mongu

Most, if not all Bartoseland activists who were freed today will be reaarested once they reach Western province.

The Watchdog has been briefed that former Barotseland prime minister Clement Sinyinda and others will be arrested and charged with sedition.

On Friday morning, a Lusaka magistrate court set free 54 Barotse separatist facing charges of treason for attempting to secede from the rest of Zambia after the state entered a nolle proseque.

In setting the 54 free, Magistrate Aridah Chulu emphasized that:

“A nolle proseque has been entered by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) chambers and I hereby discharge you but would like to warn you that you may be arrested for the same offence.”

But the Watchdog has been told that the activists were only released because there is no evidence to convict them of treason.

Sources from the DPP’s office disclosed that police officers in Mongu have been instructed to pounce on the activists once they reach Barotseland and charge them with the fresh charge of sedition.

“The former Ngambela is on the top list because when they raided his house, they found him with minutes of the Barotse National Council which resolved that the region should secede so the charge of sedition will be based on those documents,’ a source said.

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