Barotseland Army commander rejects resignation of Ngambela

                                       , 2012.

His Majesty The Litunga of Kingdom of Barotseland.

Mongu – Lealui.

Your Majesty.

We at the Barotseland Liberation Army (BLA), a Barotse National Military Force have rejected the Ngambela’s resignation. The Barotseland Army state that Hon. Sinyinda is still the Ngambela of Barotseland, he was chosen by the Citizen of Barotseland not by the Litunga or Indunas and represented Kingdom of Barotseland a {Kingdom} and was for the people of Kingdom of Barotseland and not for the Litunga or Indunas. Therefore the indunas who are chanting his resignation should resign themselves.

We would like to state that BLA has now more than 3, 000 Lozis enlisted for what is turning out to be a Barotse Military Force or a Rebel Group by Zambia to defend Barotseland in pursuit of our independence from Zambia’s Western Regional. We are determined to breakaway from Zambia more especially that we have the support of Citizen of Barotseland, you the Litunga and your entire leadership. “Already, we have more than 3, 000 men and women in all corners of Kingdom of Barotseland and Zambia to fight back and we will do so without hesitation,”

We shall teach Zambia Government and its President Sata a lession their shall never forgotten, Zambia Government and its President Sata have failed to honour the Kingdom of Barotseland Agreement of 1964 within 90 days of assuming power after promised was made in Barotseland, has opted assign a huge number of soldiers and commandos to the region to quell a simmering volatile situation. “There is no turning back. We have told the BRE [Barotseland Royal Establishment] to stay out of this just in case they say this is criminal.

Barotse National Military Force strength is from men and women in the Zambia Police, Zambia Army and the intelligence system hail from their region and are feeding us with vital information on how to strike or defend themselves and the Kingdom. Barotse National Military Force shall not at any point engage in dialogue with the Zambian Government, Kingdom of Barotseland leaders such as the Litungu and the Ngambela (Prime Minister), President Sata has publicly derided them.

The Zambian President Sata recently referred to the Litunga as an ordinary chief with no more powers than others while calling the Ngambela a fake Prime Minister and Lozis has fish.

Barotse National Military Force demand for the release of the 17 Kingdom of Barotseland activists arrested for shredding draft copies of the Zambian constitution and stand charged with malicious damage.

James Mwiya

Barotseland Liberation Army (BLA) – (Barotse National Military Force) General.

CC. The Prime Minister of Kingdom of Barotseland, Mr. Clement Wainyae Sinyinda.

CC. The Kingdom of Barotseland Activists Organizations.

CC. The Kingdom of Barotseland Organizations.


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    Limulunga La Mulena 5 years

    The King of Barotseland Litunga Lubosi Wa Imwiko 2 is selfish (Lyangelino),as long as he’s still on that throne,the Lozi people shall continue suffering for there wealth and it will be very hard to restore the Kingdom of Barotseland. As for him and his family are living,sleeping and eating in comfort with alot of security surrounding them. So you people note this…! Nitumezi. Limulunga la Mulena. Mwana Liwanika Lya Mafuci.

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    bxcbc kabwe 5 years

    we are r=tired

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    Chuma Chuma 5 years

    That letter is quite shallow and lacks depth. It seems to be politicking on the part of the writer. If you have a military force or militia you don’t go around shouting from the rooftops about it unless you are sabre rattling. You need the support of your local populace. How do you maintain logistic issues? Poverty levels are high in Barotseland, do you think military operations will improve that situation? 3,000 members is a joke if you want to prosecute a military campaign. Go and talk to the Eritrean fighters if you want a situational analysis in fighting for your independence. You cannot secure the borders of Barotseland even if you have a 30,000 member military force. Go and study the works of Sun Tzu and Clausewitz and maybe even Ho Chi Minh if you are serious. Military campaigns never achieve much in the long run, you need political solutions and strategies to back up guns and bullets. If you are prepared to see repression and loss of life to take root then you are going the right way. Is that high price worth going through?

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    george jere 5 years

    After so many years of togetherness ,most zambians including lozis are alarmed by this careless talk of secession. after 48years I am afraid we are one people.

    There is no such nonsense as a pure tribes person …who ever is claiming that title is a liar.Through generations I have ended up a product of four tribes !!!

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    mbewe 5 years

    can the ritful pipo intervine in the barotse issue b4 its to late.and my advice to the pipo of barotse is let them not trust their king becouse he likes to much money.he is someone wu can be bought with any price.last year wen he was getting money from RB he neva commented on the matter wen sinyinda cud privatly help those pipo wu were imprisoned last year.this man (king) is blind, and untrusted just take away.last time wen i was him ,his sisters told him to join ths because it was him wu was going to be ther not recieve money corruptly wen western province remained poor.he is just a businessman wu wants to enrich himself.u cant win with such a man.lozis go ahead n b prayerful.lets go barotse fight for land n dont allow pipo like lubosi i knw him well,we hve had so many businesses together he is stingy n to much of himself

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    Imasiku Mwiya 5 years

    We Lozis are not known for violence but diplomace.These are frastrated and selfish Lozis Who worked who worked with the MMD govt for 20yrs and forgot Baroseland.Now that they have realised their selfishness they want to resort to violence.I am a pure breed of a Lozi and live happily in Luapula Province.I am married to a Ushi woman and have 11 children.

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    Hurricane Sandy 5 years

    secession is in fashion, remember there is now South Sudan.

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    MUCHENGE mind your words which Development in Luapula,northern,coppetbelt yes bemba land we agree is Western not Zambia when was mongu kalabo road started.

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    you are mad where in bible written that GOD KILLS

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    Ostrich 5 years

    This is just buanch of disgrantled chaps trying to make a name with a wrong topic. I thought he is talking about Barotse? How do they call themselves ‘Rebel group by Zambia’?

    To start with, we will be torturing your bululus in our neighbourwood, before getting you. Who would fail to identify a lozi chap anyway?

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    SIKUFELA. You are mad how do u refer to the deid.Those days are gone when you use to rely on the watch doctors or died ones .This generation GOD is 100% in total control where ever you go is GOD. Iam very much proud bcoz my GOD I am worshiping is a real GOD for the leaving. GOD who can destroy you and yur soul.There is real power in GOD my brother repent this is the only time to do so.Stop beliving in the died and watch craft.

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    kaps 5 years

    This is aint a real document.How do u tell yo opponet what you wana do and the people givin u info?You need God in yor life.Dont be selfsh.One Zambia,one nation

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    kanyengo 5 years

    are you tired of leaving just commit suicide,dont let people for nothing.

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    Nawa 5 years

    Utusote…Dogs which can’t bite..Kuwe!

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    am typical lozi but i do not support such backward thinking of breaking away. Thats utter nonsense. Government gage such chaps for life.

    • comment-avatar
      Ndate Mulemwa 5 years

      Nonsense, you are not Lozi. No Lozi can support the enslavement of Barotseland by Zambia.

      • comment-avatar
        kupunya mwa mukata 5 years

        maboya yahao ndaate mulemwa ahuna ngana mwa toho.. what the fuck is wrong with you selfish idiots

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          Luwawa tuwe, nja ya mutanganyo. Musuku wahao.
          Ulwaha cwani wahenu? Mwendi umuwiko.