Barotseland cabinet, parliament to include Tongas and North-westerners?

Barotseland cabinet, parliament to include Tongas and North-westerners?

Ngambela Clement Sinyinda

Latest information received by the Watchdog indicate that the yet to be formed cabinet and parliament of the Barotseland will include Tongas and people from North-western province.

And a traditional ruler from Southern province has hinted that a meeting may be called for people of Southern province to decide whether they want to be part of Barotseland or Northern Rhodesia.

The people of Western province through the Royal Establishment resolved to secede from Zambia.

Part of the communiqué containing the  resolutions said: ‘the Barotse Government should, within 30 days, put in place a transition process leading to taking over all government functions in Barotseland and the election of the KATENGO Legislative Council.’

During the Barotse National Council which came up with the resolutions, people from Southern province and Nortwestern provinces actively participated.

A member of the organising committee disclosed that Tongas contributed undisclosed but huge sums of money and cows for food during the four days meeting which ended on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

Asked why Tongas had so much interest in this meeting whereby even a good number of chiefs from the Southern province were in attendance, a member of the organising committee explained that because they are part and parcel of Barotseland.

He explained that Chiefs from Southern province were invited but that other people from Southern province just walked in to the meeting without being invited because they were fully welcome.

He said Tongas had the biggest tent at Limulunga during the meeting.

The source explained that the cabinet and parliament will be for all Barotse people and this extends to Kafue River .

Another source explained that President Michael Sata was given this intelligence information a long time ago that Tongas may go with their cousins and that is why he wanted to remove Chirundu and Itezhi Tezhi from Southern provinces and also to move Solwezi from North-eastern and Kaoma from Western.

According to the source, the collaboration between Tongas and Lozis on this matter has been going for a while and asked, why do you think the BRE send a very powerful delegation to that Choma meeting which rejected the re-alignment of Chirundu and other districts?

When the current Barotseland Prime Minister (Ngambela) Clement Sinyinda was installed, the only province he toured was Southern. He went right inot the belly of Southern province, Monze during his tour.

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