Barotseland freedom fighters moved to Mukobeko maximum prison

Barotseland freedom fighters moved to Mukobeko maximum prison

Jailed Barotseland freedom fighters including Afumba Mombotwa, the sworn Administrator General of Barotseland have been moved to Mukobeko maximum prison.

Afumba Mombotwa, Pelekelo Likando  and Sylvester Inambao Kalima have been condemned to imprisonment for 15 years with hard labour by the Supreme Court. The three have been jailed for advocating for self rule of Barotseland.

Meanwhile, the  Barotseland National Youth League (BNYL) says it is not moved or shaken by the conviction and sentencing of their leaders but will continue to push for Barotseland self-determination until self-government was a reality in the contested territory.

Featuring on Zambia’s privately run Prime Television’s 19:30hrs news last night, BNYL Spokesperson, Boris Muziba Muziba stated that his organization was not shaken by the conviction of their leaders but would continue to fight for Barotseland’s rights to self-determination and self-government.

“We are not surprised and we are not intimidated by the ruling of the Supreme Court of Zambia in favour of the Zambian government because we expected that, as you know, Zambia is using its judicial system, the army (and) the police to ensure that Barotseland and the Barotse people should not exist anymore.

“This step taken by the Zambian government that Barotseland should not exist anymore is diabolic, barbaric, and to think that we should be subjected to any country by forced assimilation is tantamount to having no respect for our human dignity; and is being uncivilized and indeed having no respect for peoples’ rights internationally recognized.

“Our appeal to the international community, including progressive movements elsewhere in the world, is to advise the Zambian government to weigh the consequences of their illegal occupation and continued domination of Barotseland,” stated Muziba, vowing that his organization would continue to push for the complete decolonization of Barotseland.

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